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Brown Fused Alumina 95%
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Product Code : SC-B95
It is fused in an electric-arc furnace by high temperature. Its main raw materials are optimal bauxite anthracite. The micro hardness is 1800-2200kg/mm2.The degree of refractory is more than 1850℃.Adoped to produce all kinds of corundum series ramming and gunning mixes, castables, and common bricks.
Product Code : SC-BT95
This kind of brown alumina is fused in a special ace furnace, named tilting furnace. Characterized by high purity , good crystallization, strong fluidity, low coefficient of linear expansion and good corrosion resistance, so the products have the higher toughness and better anti-impact ability, it is well used for produce high quality refractory products.
Product Code : SC-BC95
950 degree centigrade calcined treatment with SC-B 95% grade, it releases all crystalline inside stress and potential reaction of impurity and brings an extremely stable property during sintering process, It is specifically used for applications such as bricks, tiles, filter plates, etc where spalling is an issue.

Physical Performance:
Color : Brown
True Density : 3.90g/cm3
Mohs Hardness : 9.0
Chemical Composition(GB/T3043-2000)
  Al2O3 Fe2O3 TiO2 SiO2 CaO Mgo
Grains >95.0 <0.3 <3.0 0.9-1.5 <0.4 <0.6
Powders >94.0 <0.5 <3.0 <1.8 <0.5 <0.5
DCF >85.0 <1.5 <5.0 <4.0 <2.0 <2.0
Grain Size Available : 30-10mm, 25-0mm, 20-10mm, 8-5/5-3/3-1/1-0mm, -8/+16mesh, -16/+30mesh,-30/+60mesh, -100mesh, -200mesh, -325mesh .
Customer's special size requirements are also available.
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