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White Fused Alumina
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White fused alumina is smelting in a electrical arc furnace from aluminum oxide powder. The colour is white, the hardness and toughness is higher than brown fused alumina, The grinding tools made of it are suitable for fine grinding of high carbon steel, stainless steel and high speed steel.
The grains of this type has equaled volume grain shape and high bulk density. It can be used for different grinding abrasives applications.

Typical Specification(Grit F30)
Chemical Composition BulkDensity Magnets
Al2O3 Fe2O3 Na2O SiO2 1.78g/cm3 0.0003%
99.47% 0.04% 0.25% 0.09%
Grain Size Distribution:According to FEPA-Standard 42-1984 R 1993.
Grit Size Available(F):F8-F220-F1200.
Bulk Density Index (g/cm3)
Grit No. F12 F16 F20 F24 F30 F36 F46
B.D. 1.75-1.80 1.74-1.79 1.75-1.80 1.76-1.81 1.75-1.80 1.77-1.82 1.68-1.73
Grit No. F60 F80 F100 F120 F150 F180 F220
B.D. 1.66-1.71 1.67-1.72 1.59-1.64 1.58-1.63 1.59-1.64 1.48-1.53 1.54-1.59

Type : SC-WAP
It is one kind of white fused alumina grain for coated abrasives, with the concentrated size distribution and sieving strictly based on FEPA standard, The B.D is little less than SC-WAF.

Typical Specification(Grit F30)
Chemical Composition Color Shape Hardness
Al2O3 Fe2O3 SiO2 Na20 Brilliant White Angular and sharp Knoop 2250
99.45% 0.04% 0.09% 0.26%

Physical Performance :
Grain Size Distribution:According to FEPA-Standard 43-1984 R 1993.
Grit Size Available:P16-P220-P2500.

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